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Lens review: Nikkor 18-105VR vs Nikkor 18-200VR

This article is the first in a “versus” series. Since I for the moment have two cameras with almost identical image quality, the D90 and the D300 (if you are not convinced, see the first part of my D90 review), it is relatively easy for me to do comparision tests with different lenses. The first contenders - the new Nikkor 18-105VR on a D90 compared to the Nikkor 18-200VR superzoom on the D300. 

The 18-105VR is Nikons newest addition to the ever expanding 18-xxx line. I thought it might be interesting to compare it too the 18-200VR (which I have reviewed before, see here). I want to point out that this is not about the cameras (they are reviewed here and here), but I decided to keep the same lens/body combinations during the test if someone does chooses between these two particular sets.

So lets weigh in the contenders. The D90/18-105VR combo weighs 1,152 g.

Oops. The D300/18-200VR combo weighs a more hefty 1,547 g. It is a difference you can feel on your shoulder.

The lenses:


So it is easy to do the math. If we switch lenses a D90/18-200VR weighs 1,324 g and a D300/18-105VR weighs 1,375 g. 

And as a special service to those thinking of using an 18-200VR or 18-105VR on a Nikon D40/60 sized body:

The difference in size between the lenses is not as big as one would expect, given the weight difference. However the 18-200VR is more front heavy, giving it a slightly less optimal balance, at least on the small D90. In the photo below we see one of the signs that the 18-200VR is a more expensive lens - the steel bajonet. How much durability suffers with the plastic mount on the 18-105, I cant really tell. But surely a metal mount inspires more confidence.

But, the plastic mount aside, the build of the 18-105 feels rather good. The mechanics are smooth, especially the zoom action. The autofocus is the more advanced version with full time manual override, in contrast to the cheaper micro AF-S found on lenses like the 18-55 and the 55-200.

VR and AF
The 18-105VR has the simpler kind of stabilization, VR I, while the 18-200VR has a more advanced version, VR II. In practical use I could not find any consistent difference, the VR seems equally effective on both lenses. It is possible that the softer shutter/mirror action of the D90 cancelled out the VR II advantage of the D300/18-200 combo.
These samples are shot at 1/15 s, 105 mm, ISO 1600. D90/18-105 on top, D300/18-200 bottom.

Full size image here.
I have not made any special tests of the autofocus speed or accuracy. The impression is that they are about the same. I have made light action shots with both - see the D90 review (the dog shots) and the 18-200VR review, but they should not be a match for a lens like the 70-200VR 2.8.

Image quality
OK - over to images. First one thing I would like to mention. All images were shot as RAW+jpeg medium. Once opened up in RAW with CS3/ACR one thing was clear. Nikons in-camera processing in both the D90 and the D300 is removing CA in jpegs and quite succesfully. There has been some debate over if the D90 really has the CA-removing function - now that is settled.
Here is sample that shows how CA is automatically removed in jpegs (D90/18-105VR, 18 mm).
Full image:

100 percent crops, RAW file on top, jpeg below:

I imagine that the same processing is carried over in Nikon Capture NX, but for different reasons I prefer to work in ACR/Photoshop. Since many of the test shots were made in low winter sun in contrasty light, I prefer to take advantage of the CA-removing function, and the images shown in the article are jpegs. (It was also very hard to see any sharpness advantages of the RAW-files, so it should not influence the test much.) Sharpening is the same on all compared images, USM 100/0.5/0 in Photoshop. Picture style normal (default), ADL off. Exposure varies slightly on some images because of the difference in metering between the cameras. I realize that that can have some influence on the results, but what I write is based on more images than these shown here.

Sample 1, 18 mm, 1/250s, F8, ISO 200. Top images/crops are from D90/18-105, D300/18-200 below (same goes for the other comparisons):

100 percent crops:

Sample 2, 18 mm, 1/200 s, F7.1, ISO 200:
(D90/18-105 on top, as before)

100 percent crops:

I have of course made more images at full wide angle besides these. My opinion is that the two lenses are very close in sharpness at 18 mm. So lets move a little further, to around 50 mm.
D90 18-105VR top image, D300 18-200VR below:

There is a difference in exposure, 1/250s, F 8 on the D90/18-105VR image, 1/200s F 7.1 on the D300/18-200VR (both at ISO 200). However, it is hard too see any difference in sharpness.

The 18-105VR has more resistance to CA and straylight, which plays out in high contrast images like the one below (also at 50 mm, D90/18-105VR top):

At the longer end the 18-105VR pulls ahead with a slight sharpness advantage that is consistent in all test images. D90/18-105VR top, D300/18-200VR below:

For a comparison of the NEF/RAW-files at 105 mm in larger size, go here. (D300/18-200 left, D90/18-105VR right.)
And this is how far you reach with the 18-200VR. A little softer than at 105 mm.

Colors, contrast, tonality
You can not judge resolution on images in 980 pixels size, but I think they have a value in judging more subjective image quality factors as colors, contrast and tonality. I have made a small test gallery with five images in 980×651 pixels size where you easily can switch between the renderings from the 18-105VR and the 18-200VR. See the gallery here. I think you will agree that the lenses are hard to tell apart in these regards.

To summarize my views - the 18-200 helds up well in sharpness in the wide and medium range, but is more prone to CA. At the long end the 18-105VR is sharper. The 18-200 loses a bit more at 200 mm, but this is after all a 11x zoom. In terms of colors and contrast/tonality the lenses are hard to tell apart. The 18-200 is better built (mostly manifested in the metal bajonet), weighs more and is more front heavy which makes it a little less well balanced. On the other hand the 11x zoom range is a big advantage for trying out different compositions and angles. The 5.8x zoom of the 18-105VR is versatile, but does not give you quite the same powerful feeling as the 18-200VR.
The 18-105VR must be considered a bargain at the price you can get it as a kit lens. A well corrected, sharp flexible lens, a good compromise in terms of versatility and portability. Which one should you choose? Well, personally I have long thought about the 18-200VR, but the deal on the 18-105VR was too good to pass up.

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  1. Thanks, very informative!

  2. Thank you very good info indeed. I feel a lot happier now going for the 18-105VR.

  3. Nice work. 18-105 is bargain indeed. And very nice lens.

  4. Many thanks for this interesting comparison, especially regarding VR I vs. VR II. You mention that a possible advantage of the 18-200 on the D300 may have been cancelled out by the D90’s softer shutter mechanism. Did you happen to test the effectiveness of the two lenses’ vibration reduction on the same body (either D90 or D300)? I think this should be very interesting for everybody who’s considering both lenses for the same body.

  5. To jackz,
    No, sorry, I did not test the VR on the same body. I did not expect any differences. For the moment I dont have access to the 18-200VR (it is a borrowed lens), but I might do a test with some of my other VR lenses to see if there is any difference between the D300 and D90.

  6. Ok, thanks anyway. If you ever happen to borrow the 18-200 again, this would be very interesting I think. I’d love to know whether the 18-200 does any better VR wise on the D90.

  7. To jackz.
    I will surely be able to try the 18-200VR (it is my brothers lens) again. Then I surely will check the VR on the D90 compared to 18-105VR. For the moment I have some other things I probably will finish first. Right now I am comparing a 25 years old Nikkor 85 2.0 AI versus the 85 1.8AF. I also plan to try the Canon G10 and some more interesting stuff.

  8. That sounds excellent, thanks. I’ll be checking back for updated results.

  9. So 18-105mm is sharp even at tele-end? Good news.

    I wonder which is the sharpest at 200mm : 55-200mm or 18-200mm

    I actually only have 55-200mm with D40 kit, and I satisfy enough with the sharpness at 200mm of my lens. Lot better than Sigma APO 70-300mm at 300mm.

  10. The 55-200VR (I have not tried the non-VR version) is sharper at 200 mm than the 18-200VR. There is a comparision in my first 18-200VR review.

  11. I see the 18-200mm has an edge but that could be the D300. The 18-200mm pics are all brighter (slightly). D90 has great CA correction in jpeg mode and the guitar seems over-exposed. Would be best if you can test the lens with the same camera…

  12. Thank you for doing this/ I’ve been looking for a comparison for these two in a loooooong time.

  13. To andy
    I dont think the 18-200 has an edge, however it does well considering the range. At the long end the 18-105VR performs better in my experience. I have added a link to a NEF/RAW comparision at 105 mm in larger size (http://www.pbase.com/interactive/image/108515419/original).
    D300/18-200 left, D90/18-105 right.
    I can see why there could be some concern that I used different cameras. I am personally convinced that it wont tilt the results (as I mentioned in the begining of my text). It is a huge convinience factor when you take 100+ comparision images and you dont have to switch lenses for every shot…

  14. To nickrbine
    You are welcome. I guess many people are interested in these two lenses. Both natural choices for DX cameras as general walk around lenses. I am also interested in the 16-85VR, but if I get the possibility to try one remains to be seen.

  15. Very nice article. But I have a question on a comment you made about the D90 vs D300 mirror action. Are you saying that the D90 has a softer,i.e. quieter mirror than the D90, also, if you have any experience with the D80, would you say the D90 is quieter, or perhaps noticably quieter than the D80?

  16. To Maina
    Yes, the D90 has a more quiet and soft mirror/shutter than the D300 (I guess that was what you meant). Sorry, no I have not directly compared the D90 to the D80. But I was pleasantly surprised with the D90 in this regard. The D40 is even more quiet, while the D200 is louder, about the same as the D300.

  17. Thanks for the reply PL about the mirror slap. For some reason, I find the sound annoying at quiet gatherings like kids band concerts or weddings. Actually, as a side note, would Live View work hand held at a band concert or a wedding when the bride and groom are standing at the alter? I would think it would because there aren’t moving objects. I enjoy using the 18-200 and find I really like the VR on it. Can’t compare it to others though. I do find it somewhat soft on the long end similar to your findings, but it just has so much convenience going for it.

  18. To Maina
    The shutter/mirror sound can definitly be disturbing sometimes, I agree. I dont think Live View helps much with the sound either, even if it is split in two parts (mirror up -shutter release/mirror down). Fully agree about the 18-200VR lens also. The convinience factor is huge.

  19. Excellent analysis. Very useful for me since I have all three lenses (18-105, 18-200, and 55-200 all VR) and I want to keep only one of them. Your fine article makes it easy to decide. Thanks for sharing your findings.


  20. Thanks Sam!

  21. Hi PL,
    Another good review from you !

    After see comparison between D90+18-105 and D300+18-200, it’s no brainer to choose the first one as the winner. But both camera setting and lens influence the output. Hard to see which one influence more in the pictures, body or lens ?

  22. To Jeffrey,
    Glad you liked the review:)

    About the different cameras used and how that might influence the results, se my reply to andy above.

  23. i’m a novice at this. but i want to know , if you wantto take pictures of children performing on stage, what is the best lens (range) to buy?

  24. amateur,
    It depends much on the light and how close you can get to the action. An 85 1.8 AF is a good bet, but the autofocus does not work on a D40/60 which requires AF-S lenses for autofocus. Some other options that does work on the D40/60 is the new 50 1.4 AF-S (may be to short), the 105 2.8 AF-S VR Micro, the Sigma 50-150 2.8 HSM or the 70-200 VR 2.8 (expensive).

  25. Looks to me that the 18-200 is the much better lens overall. I still can’t get over the cheap plastic mounting bracket of the 18-105. What a joke. I wouldn’t buy it for that reason alone.

    The pics of the 18-200 looked superior also. Nikon should be ashamed of the horrible build “quality” of the 18-105. It is a joke.

  26. What the hack!
    Different body with different lenses!
    Comparison should be done on one body with different lenses attached.
    You can’t say this lens is better than with this comparison.
    Not all people have two bodies but most people have more than one lenses.
    If you don’t want to switch the lenses in every test, use them on two D90 or D300.
    Pic sharp is not depend only on the lens but also depend on the body and combination.

  27. Scientist,
    take a look at the images under the headline “Take the D90 vs D300 test” in my D90 review page here: http://dslr-video.com/blogmag/?p=371
    See If you can see any differences and pick out the right camera/image combinations. I personally find that very hard. Shot in RAW and converted in ACR the files are virtually identical.

  28. For Chris:
    Who told you that steel is more expensive than this special engineered “plastic”?
    This is a high grade TYPE of plastic specially engineered to serve the purpose it was meant for + considers the weight.
    In addition the 18-105 is a newer product and this for it also gives better results in its range.
    I agree generally that cheap stuff is worth than pricy stuff, but the test show so there is no question about these two lenses.
    When you print your photos you only can print the shot, the steel parts in your lens won’t appear!!!
    If the picks look better with the plastic lens, that is a good reason to buy it!
    Good luck with your 200 VR!

  29. I have both, the 18-105 and 18-200, on my D300. After appr. 100 test shots from a tripod, I found the 18-105 to be noticeably sharper than the 18-200 across the whole range.
    Handheld, quite some surprise: The VRI on the 18-105 is less effective. Once the 18-200 has focused, there is a silent “click” and even at 200mm, the image is stable. Not so on the 18-105 which exhibits small image movement at the long end.
    So, in a nutshell, no clear winner to me:
    Pro 18-200: 200mm, better VR, better built quality. Avoiding the weak aperture/focal length spots greatly helps to improve image quality.
    Pro 18-105: Sharper, esp. in the corners. Shorter tele range, so less flexible. Less efficient VR which shoulbe be no issue for shooters with a steady hand.
    So, there ain’t no free lunch as the saying goes. I keep both lenses.

  30. Thanks - this was exactly the report I wanted to read. Now off to do a google search to see if there’s been reported issues with plastic mounts ..

  31. I enjoyed the review, but I agree with comments about testing on two different bodies. The color and range look consistently different to me across some of the upper and lower shots, and this leaves us to wonder about the contribution of the lens vs. the camera. Nevertheless, real-world comparisons between comparable lenses are quite informative.

  32. A very useful review.
    I am about to buy my first DSLR, i was opting for a D90+ 18 200 VR lens, now after reading this review, i am thinking 0f staying with the kit lens…. 18 105 VR lens

    Thanks for the info

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  36. Hello,

    i registered because i think this is the right place for me.

    bye :)

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  37. I dont understnd posts by

    Maxx65 | Oct 13, 2009
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  38. thanks for the review. I am interested in doing mainly family photos (kids). Do you think the two lens kit 18-55 , 55-200 is a good choice?

    It would be nice to not have to change lenses.

  39. Hi ckar
    I think the two lens combo is good, but if you dont want to switch lenses the 18-105 or the 18-200 are also good. But if you want to shot family photos inside without flash, I think the 35 1.8 is the best choice.

  40. Hi,i’m a really happy owner of a 18-105 on a d60,i love the lens and i think that was a true bargain for 200 euros..the only thing i’m a bit concerned of is this infamous plastic mount.i mean,i usually don’t switch lenses so much and for now,there’s nothing to be concerned of,the mount seems solid enough..but i heard of brokne plastic mounts and you see,since i’m a student and almost always in “dire straits” a broken 18-105 would be a catastrophe…what do you think about the mount?

  41. Hi VI
    I dont know, I would prefer a metal mount myself, but I have never had any trouble with any of the plastic mount lenses I have used or owned.

  42. Thanks for the great review, and above comments were also handy. I purchased my D300s today with 18-105 VR lens. Who cares about steel bayonet unless you change 100 times a month, for casual shooter it’s good enough and picture quality is excellent. If this plastic breaks, so what, the lens have 5 years warranty here.

  43. i was lookiong for a review like this one , glad to see i choose the best lens the 18-105 since it is sharper , cheaper too i do not mind the plastic mount ..

  44. I have the D90 + 18-105. I dropped the camera (in a case) from about 1.5ft onto snow covered concrete. The plastic mount cracked off.

    I shall certainly NEVER be buying a plastic mount lens again! (and will be investing in a heavily padded case!)

  45. asdasd :)

  46. I have D90 + 18-105.
    I was looking for 18-200 to replace my 18-105. Should I do that? Any thoughts?
    Or should I rather compliment my 18-105 with something else? Advises welcome.

  47. hello, i am planning to buy my first dslr. i am looking into the d5000 and a 18-105mmVR lens. what do you think?

  48. It is a good review no doubt.
    But i heard form another review that the 18-105mm is soft in the corners at 18mm if you are looking closely. Is it true?

  49. I’m glad I did a search for this subject - thanks for the valuable info (and comments). I have been salivating over the D90 for quite awhile. I’ve gotten very good shots with my 18x zoom FujiFilm camera, but find that the slow shutter speed makes me miss too many shots. I’m nervous, however, that the small zoom on the 18-105 (even on the 18-200) will frustrate me. However, since it will undoubtedly be a better lens, will that make the quality of the picture after cropping so it won’t make that much difference? Sorry, I’m new in DSLR. I disliked my film DSLR because I didn’t like changing lenses - I’m looking for one lens that will work well for everything!

  50. Eddie,
    hard to answer, depends on your priorities.

  51. Saikat,
    Allmost all of the wide zooms are a little soft in corners at the widest setting, the 18-105 is not bad compared to most others.

  52. Susan K,
    I not sure you can crop out all the difference, but overall the advantage in IQ and handling is huge. The last is of course subjective, but that is my view based on recent use of a superzoom.

  53. Thanks - I’ll continue to save for the P90!

  54. excellent review, thanks. d300 images just seem to be generally brighter, don’t they?

  55. Thanks for the useful review

  56. PL-
    Awesome review. THANKS! This is the only vs review of these two lenses on the net.
    I am new to photography and would rather get a variety of lenses to learn the trade.
    The price difference of these two lenses is so large that I can’t rap my head around buying the 18-200VR.
    I think the 18-105VR as an everyday lens and the 70-300 for the extra zoom for wildlife photography would make better use of the money.

  57. Thanks alot for review. I recently bought a D5000 with 18-55 but it’s focus speed really low and in some situation it could not focus. The money is an issue for me then did u offer me to move 18-105 or not.
    My filed is Kid photo and Ceremony.
    Thank you again.

  58. sir,
    thanks. the review of these two lens helped me to go for d90 plus 18-105 kid lens.


  59. sir,
    thanks.very informative review. i got d90body with kit lens 18-105 lens. satified with the results.

    thank you once again sir.

    anand prasanna

  60. Dear Mate;

    thank you very much for the in detail information.

  61. Thanks a lot for you information. I don’t know what lens should I buy. I’ve read thousend of opinions and still today I don’t know what to choose.I’m really confused!!!!

  62. Отличный обзор! Я из Москвы, снимал только Canon 15 лет и во т решил перейти на Nikon, Буду покупать 3100 body и 18-105 так как мое хобби подводная фотография и мы путешествуем по всему миру с друзьями! Еще раз спасибо за обзор, с уважением Сергей!!!

  63. I have bought the 18-200VRll for my D200 and took great street photos with it during travels..On another day I took my 50mm1.8 Also shot superb photos especially after dark..There is certainly a give and take; 18-105 may not be enough zoom in many occasions that’s for sure however it may be tiny bit more sharper..The price difference is worth to consider depending on your budget..My final verdict if you are in need of ONE walk around lens 18-200mm is great and if I carried the other I wouldn’t want to carry another heavy 70-200..

  64. It’s all about how much you’re willing to spend. I’ve the 18-105, which has been wonderful. I can tell you this, there were times when I wished for that little bit more zoom, despite already having 5.8x…

    It’s a question of whether the additional 2-3x more is something you can stomache. If you can, go for it. I believe the lack in sharpness in the 18-200, will be compensated for by the VR II.

  65. Concordo plenamente com sua opiniao, comprei uma 18-200, e fiquei decepcionado, vendi e comprei a 18-105, estou muito satisfeito com a decisao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. thanks on the review of 18-105 and 18-200 lens. much helpful.

  67. thanks for the review much helplful.

  68. Thanks for you hard work,but what the hell!
    do compare on same camera,if not all this make no sense, really, all this hard work?
    come on !!!! I am out

  69. I personally could not make the decision between the Tamron 18-270 and the nikon 18-200 so I bought both. After about 2 weeks I sold the 18-200. Now, six months later I think I will sell the 18-270 as well. I would be less inclined to do so but the 18-105 came with my d7000, and after initially being disappointed with the lens(due to the barrel distortion at the wide end), I still think it is significantly sharper than the 18-200, and has better color and contrast, while covering the range that I need at least 90% of the time. I also found that the 18-200 had a greater issue with flare.

    As an aside, I think that the Tamron 18-250 may be superior to all three. It may just be sample variation, or the fact that I was in Maui where good light is easy to come by, but I borrowed an 18-250 last year and the results were fantastic - very sharp and great color.

  70. Thanks a bunch. I was seesawing between the two for my impending D7000 purchase and after going through your detailed comparison, I’ve decided to settle for the 18-105mm VR. My saving is about $400.

  71. Your blog’s style and design is easy and clean and i just like it. Your blog posts are marvelous. Please keep them coming. Great!!!

  72. thanks a lot 4 ur comment… very useful coz actually now i was considering to buy nikon 18-200 or 18-270 tamron. after i read ur comment i think i’ll stay with my nikon 18-105mm.. thanks fren..

  73. MM.. thanks a lot 4 ur comment… very useful coz actually now i was considering to buy nikon 18-200 or 18-270 tamron. after i read ur comment i think i’ll stay with my nikon 18-105mm.. thanks fren..

  74. Very interesting article indeed. My D80+18-200VRII was stolen so I bought a D3000. While waiting for a new 18-200 VRII I used a borrowed 18-105. Much better results, but I could not say if that was due to the extra Megapixels.Unfortunately the 18-105 fell of the camera since the mount broke. No hard usage, maybe the usual tossing around of the camera bag in the car. After this experience I think I might opt for the 18-200

  75. sorry, I meant I bought a D7000

  76. wow so comprehensive comparison presentation
    that solved my long time dilemma to chose
    one of those lenses…I am going for 10-105
    for sure.I recommend the following site also useful to compare 10’s of lenses:


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  78. this was a very useful comparison. going through kenrokwell’s articles i was very much screwed about my 18-105 mm vr, but now i am with my choice. i don’t want that extra focal length in one and the same lens, but i was anxious about IQ, and now reading this comparison i have nothing to be worried about that!

  79. Hi! Quick question that’s entirely off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My site looks weird when browsing from my iphone 4. I’m trying to find a theme or plugin that might be able to correct this problem. If you have any suggestions, please share. With thanks!

  80. I have both lenses and have taken hundreds of photographs with both lenses and I can confirm certain findings:

    1. The 18-105mm is sharper at all focal lengths, with the exception of the 18-200mm which has better corner resolution at 18mm. It’s not a night and day difference and you’ll likely need to crop more than 25% to notice the difference in real life.

    2. The 18-200mm is more prone to flare and CA and performs worse outside than inside when compared to the 18-105mm. The 18-105mm is a consistent performer, exposing consistently whether inside or out.

    3. The 18-200mm consistently over exposes by 1/3 stop. I tested several copies to confirm this issue. I further compared the 18-200mm to my 18-70mm, 35mm and 50mm to confirm this finding.

    4. The 18-105’s plastic mount is a non issue. If you drop you camera and lens on the ground, your lens and camera will likely suffer damage. Don’t drop your equipment.

    5. The 18-105mm is less substantial, but has a very smooth and refined zoom action and smoother VR engagement. The 18-200mm is more substantial in feel, but it also feels a little front heavy on my d7000. The zoom action on the 18-200mm is smooth, but has noticeable areas where greater force is needed to get through the zoom range. The VR on the 18-200mm is slightly more effective, but has a much harder engagement and disengagement and is slightly louder.

    In summary, inside and in even lighting, both lenses take good pictures with a slight resolution advantage to the 18-105mm. Outside and in high contrast situations, the 18-105mm is noticeably sharper than the 18-200mm as the CA and flare become more noticeable issues. Additionally, the 18-200mm overexposes by a third of a stop, which is more noticeable in high contrast situations. This is not a deal breaker, but something to be aware of when shooting outside in bright contrasty light.

    Your review is a great review and I am happy to confirm your findings. Great job and keep the reviews coming.

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